Cooked Fish or Fish Oil?

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Should I eat cooked fish or take fish oil?

Cooked Fish or Fish Oil?

Bless my sole, it's a dilemma and I'm floundering around. Do I get my omega 3 from fish oils, supplements or a nice grilled salmon? Holy mackerel! How much fish oil do I need? Although mercury and pollution have limited the fish supply (I feel green around the gills), local health food stores will usually provide healthy, non-toxic fish so that young children and pregnant women can consume fish without PCB dangers. Sadly, most people aren't aware of the organic option and are not fish eaters, which is where fish oil comes in. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommend Americans double weekly fish consumption (the FDA advocated 12 ounces for children and pregnant women in 2004). There's no recommended daily intake of omega 3, so take supplements with a potency of 1000 mg and eat fish without mercury and PCB. After all, you're pregnant with a future school of fish and you have several little guppies who need essential fatty acids as much as you do. So tuna up your health with fish oil supplements!



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