The Electric Kool--Aid Hyaluronic Acid Test

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What's the recommended dosage of hyaluronic acid?

The Electric Kool--Aid Hyaluronic Acid Test

Your joints will feel better, the doctors say, once you take hyaluronic acid every day. But how much hyaluronic acid do you take? Of course, you take a joint health supplement with zinc and magnesium, which refresh your body's hyaluronic acid supply. Many of these joint health supplements we've seen have 150 mg of hyaluronic acid. Huh? You're supposed to take 2,700 mg of glucosamine and chondroitin combined. The instructions on the bottles of some hyaluronic acid liquid supplements direct you to take seven drops a day, although some merchants claim you can actually take a hundred times that amount without toxic side effects -- but this is not something you should try! The normal capsule dosage is 20 to 50 mg, and you can take one to four capsules a day. Just be sure to eat a balanced meal and drink plenty of fluids. Maybe our new slogan should be, "A hyaluronic acid capsule a day keeps the doctor away."



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